Midgrab chain shortener MIG

Midgrab chain shortener MIG

Product features

  • Instant mounting and positioning on any part of the chain.
  • Shortening in either chain direction; up-down.
  • Designed to prevent inadvertent chain disengagment.
  • Can be set idle on the chain leg when shortening is not required.
  • LC version offers secure mounting with locking set on any desired
    part of the chain with one chain direction open for shortening.
  • CC version offers close-open function in both chain directions for
    safe retention of the chain.

Locking devices for Midgrab MIG;
Note! The MIG must be used with at least one of the locking device.  

 L - fixed locking set  C - close/open locking set
 For fixed mounting  Spring operated locking device. Can be placed
   wither in open or closed position.
 Code:  Code:
 L-8: B14905  C-8: B14904
 L-10: B14915  C-10: B14914  
 L-13: B14917      C-13: B14916

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Detailed information

CAD Part no Code WLL t L X Y Weight kgs
B14300 MIG- 8-10 2.6 95 50 60 0.627
B14310 MIG-10-10 4.0 125 70 77 1.063
B14320 MIG-13-10 6.8 150 90 80 2.442
B14303 MIG CC-8-10 2.6 95 50 60 0.99
B14313 MIG CC-10-10 4.0 125 70 77 0.99
B14323 MIG CC-13-10 6.8 150 90 80 2.6
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