GrabiQ Tensioner GT

GrabiQ Tensioner GT

The new GrabiQ Tensioner is integral in one set. It is made of light weight Grade 10 material and the ratchet handle contributes to a fast and ergonomic lashing procedure. The GT Tensioner is fitted with safety pins to prevent against unintended release of the threaded end fittings.

The GrabiQ Tensioner is designed to be compatible with the GrabiQ product range, enabling the choice of robust end hooks with latches. Can also be provided as approved for lifting purposes. 

Detailed information

CAD Part no Code Lashing capacity (kN) STF (daN) Min. length mm Max length (mm) Weight kgs
Z101336 GT-8-10 50 2800 400 600 3.45
Z101337 GT-10-10 80 2800 400 600 3.432
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